Results of the Spaniel Working Tests at Burghley Estate


On Saturday 26th June, we were finally able to host a Working Test Day for our Spaniel members.

It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces and fabulous dogs. The banter was terrific, and the atmosphere in the gallery was upbeat and jolly all day, with handlers supporting and wishing one another well. Just the experience we hoped for.

Our thanks go to our host, Mark Pope, for allowing us to use the land, to our judges Geoff Devine-Jones and Gary Veasey, to our fantastic helpers Chris Dunkley, David Mould, and Gerry Dodd, and finally to our long-time sponsors Dog & Field for their continued support and generous prize contributions.

We were privileged to have not one but two local A panel Spaniel judges. They were generous with their feedback, and many Novice handlers waited behind for an hour after the completion of the test to ask questions and get tips and ideas to take away and work into their training. The judges commented that they saw many great dogs, with some that would continue do well should the handlers want to progress to trialling.

Everyone who came out today should feel proud of what they achieved after such a challenging 2020. We look forward to being able to put on more events as we focus on returning to normality and getting back out to enjoy our hunting dogs together.

Our results were as follows:

Novice Test

1. Lyn Doubleday, Fuselea Joker
2. Dean Holdsworth, Danderw Brodie at Poppygrove (also our ND/NH award winner)
3. Laura Hill, Strigidae Don't Push It at Stauntonvale
4. Suzi Stephens, Riveroll Rummy

Open Test

1. Dawn Newman, Kenaiteen Cuphea Cotton
2. Laura Hill, Strigidae Don't Push It at Stauntonvale
3. Martin Wills, Loyalwill Fizzy Rascal
4. Victoria West, Betleycourt Trooper
CoM to Mark Hancock, Teignsedge Michigan Lady

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