Test Results: AV Retriever Working Tests at Stapleford


Over the weekend of 30th April and 1st May 2022, East Midland Gundog Club held our A/V Retriever Working Tests at Stapleford Farms. We were given access to this venue by kind permission of Lord and Lady Gretton.

Our judges for the Puppy, Special Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler, and Veteran Tests were Derrick Capel, Linda Partridge, Carol Probert, Laura Marsh, Tish Ford and Tessa Smith. Judging our Novice and Open Tests were Steve Cullis, Paula Cullis, Malcolm Thwaites and Pete Goddard. We are grateful to all of these volunteers for giving up their time to give back to our sport and enable others to enjoy a day of competing with their dogs. In addition to our judges, we extend a huge thank you to our helpers on the day. Without them these days simply could not go ahead.

Finally, we would like to thank our returning sponsors, Skinners, for their continued support of our Retriever events. We also give thanks to a new sponsor, Twicebrewed Twines, for coming on board to support us.

Our results for the Working Tests are as follows:

1st Godfrey Lowe with Abbottsmere High Flyer
2nd Geoff Dilworth with Cornstraw Black Sika
3rd Shane Gilliver with Slingley Black Beauty at Minerskiln
4th Jessica Burrows with Claruno Rhodes
Hazel Cave with Higgscroft Barasingha

1st Christine Spalding with Turpingreen Jones
2nd Daniel Higgs with Reedmoors Ares of Higgscroft
3rd Pip Wheatcroft with Stauntonvale Shelley
Liz Saxton with Hiltonfarm Definitely Red
Liz Saxton with Hiltonfarm Todd

1st Karin Hauxwell with Fieldmoreton Charlie
2nd Hannah Welsh with Jobeshill Galveston
3rd Mira Solanki with Blissful Burnetti of Camlann
Aceneth Williams with Grundinook Flash Harry
Oliver Hauxwell with Higgscroft Fantasy Chilli

Geoff Dilworth with Conduit Katie
Katie Capps with Brackreef Zion

1st Andi Whitwham with Copperwheat Justine
2nd Samantha Selwood with Diglake Zara
3rd Jackie Martin with Goldieslie Queen's Coppice
4th Kate Mee with Wyaston Apple
Mark Morton with Thakali Tom Jones

1st Katie Powell with Garrethall Twist
2nd Patricia Dixon with Forever Storm King
3rd Nick Barker with Pinfeathers Calypso
4th Henry Carney with Twicebrewed Willow of Datteln
Vivien Warren with Abbottshall Pioneer of Higgscroft

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