Trial Results: 2 Day Open A/V Retriever at Neville Holt, Leicestershire


On the 17th & 18th October 2022, we held our 2 Day Open A/V Retriever Trial at Neville Holt, by kind permission of David Ross and Jim Chattaway.

Our thanks go to Paul Ford and his team of guns. Paul also pitched up early on both days and provided breakfast for us all, which was very well-received. Our event was once again sponsored by our long-term supporters, Skinner's.

We are incredibly grateful to our judges for their time over the two days, and for overseeing our qualifying stake. Our heartfelt thanks go to Mrs Allie Hogsbjerg, Mr Steve Cullis, Mr Paul Stogden, and Miss Laura Marsh.

Our results were as follows:

1st: Mr K Broomfield, running FTCH Lowtrey Klay of Ticefield
2nd: Fiona Joint, running Jobeshill Ngoronogoro with Hullabaloo
3rd: Di Stevens, running Isleofman Gorse of Wylanbriar
4th: Mr K Bedford, running Angeni Chorus at Kayteens

Louie Robertson, running FTCH Mitforton On

Guns Choice
Mr Brian Barker, running Barweston Osprey

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