Trial Results: Open AV Spaniel at Stubton, Lincolnshire


On the card today was our Championship qualifying stake for Any Variety Spaniels (excluding Cockers) at The Beeswax Estate in Stubton, Lincolnshire. Once again we were permitted access to this superb ground by kind invitation of Mr M. Partridge, and ably guided on the day by his representative, Ron.

It was a chilly -1 degrees at the trial ground this morning, and yet upbeat and ready to go were our judges, Guy Stubbings and Ryan Kay. We are most grateful to them for agreeing to judge for us and for giving up their day to support the sport. 

Our team of guns were in good spirits and got the birds on the ground for our competing dogs. The game was plentiful and they had some excellent dogs putting the birds up for them. A huge thank you to our dog stewards and game carriers, Steph Wills and Louise Allen, for once again volunteering their time to support the trial and helping us to ensure the day ran smoothly for our judges and competitors. We are also grateful to our picker up, Lesley Cooper, for being there to find the lost birds for us again.

Dog & Field once again graciously sponsored this trial, and we are very grateful for their ongoing support of our Spaniel events.

This trial proved a very challenging one for our Hon. Spaniel Field Trial Secretary, and the club would like to thank him for the commitment he gave to making sure that the trial could run. While we enjoyed the spectacle of the day, Martin Wills had put in countless hours to get us all there. He was an absolute trooper.

With 15 dogs running, we can report that our results were as follows:

1st: Eborakon Anna, Mr J. Dransfield
2nd & Guns' Choice: Broomfield Sarabi, Mr S. Blackwell
3rd: Hagghouse King of Eborakon, Mr J. Dransfield
4th: Willowsaul Whizz, Mr K. Richardson

Daisygate Aster, Mrs D. Mould
Brynfedi Sting, Mr N. Sykes
Griffinwell Martha May, Mr S. Brooks
Bryngwrhd Cassie, Mr A. Robinson

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and East Midlands would like to wish Jim all the best at this year's Championships.    

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