Trial Results: Open Cocker at Stubton, Lincolnshire


Today we held our Championship qualifying Open Stake for Cocker Spaniels at The Beeswax Estate in Stubton, Lincolnshire. We were invited by kind permission of Mr M. Partridge, and we were assisted on the day by his representative, Ron, and also Ivan Bannister.

Our judges were Andrew Robinson and Kevin Barraclough. We are indebted to our judges for their support of the sport, giving up a day of competing with their own dogs in order to judge those competitors vying for a place at the Cocker Championship.

Thank you also to our keen-eyed team of guns, and to our helpers on the day: Steph Wills, Louise Allen and, our picker up, Lesley Cooper. Without your voluntary support on the day these stakes would be incredibly challenging to pull off.

Our thanks go once again to our enduring sponsor, Dog & Field, who are supporting all of our Spaniel events this year.

On this blustery day, with a biting wind, we managed to avoid the worst of the brutal weather and finished the trial before lunch. Sweet relief for both dogs and handlers who then didn't have to run in the vicious hailstorm that rolled in just after 1pm! Our results were as follows:

1st & Guns' Choice: Delphaven Enya, Mr W. Clulee
2nd: Baildonmoor Betti, Mr P. Deal
3rd: Jadenmoss Magnificent Opal at Skipmeg, owned by CJ & YL Mackender, handled by Mr C. Colclough
4th: Strigidae Don't Push It at Stauntonvale, Mrs L. Hill

Flash Wonder, Mr A. Whitehouse

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and all the best to Will at this year's Cocker Championships.   

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